Almost all of us are a little concerned about home boilers unless there is a serious issue. The reality is that problems of the boiler can be avoided with proper preservation. There is also a misunderstanding that you can’t repair your boilers unless you are a boiler technician. The truth behind this is that you can help and service your boiler but the major question that arises is whether you need to help your boiler.

You have permissibly accepted to service your boiler. And also, you can help and service the boilers of other households, free of charge. But in case if you are charging the means then for that you should be licensed and registered properly.

Various steps to repair your boiler at home

These are the various steps by which you can repair a boiler at home:

Re-pressurize your boiler

There is a water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler. If it is below one, it means your boiler pressure is very low. Now you need to find the boiler's filling loop, which is located probably at the bottom of it. Please make sure that the boiler is switched off and the hose ends are connected to the valves. Then open the valves, you can see the water filling up its system. Wait until the pressure indicator indicates a pressure of 1.5. Close the valves and then switch on the boiler. This method is applicable for both cases: when your boiler pressure is high and when it is low.

Reset the boiler

First, read the user manual of your boiler and find the reset button of the boiler. Push it for 10 seconds. In a few minutes, the boiler would start working again. If it doesn't start on the first attempt, repeat the process for the second time.

Bleed your boilers radiators

Radiators play an important role in the proper working of the boiler. Turn on the heating system of the boiler and check which of the radiators aren't getting warm. Once you identify it, turn off the central heating of the boiler. When it cools, attach the radiator key with the valve. Turn the key anti-clockwise if it makes a hiding sound that means gas is escaping from it. Let all the gas escape and close the valve.

Change thermostat batteries

First, we need to remove the thermostat housing from the wall mount, and then you need to observe and find the battery removal slots. And now take out the old batteries and put them back with the new batteries. 2 X AA or 2 X AAA batteries are needed for most of the thermostats.

Summing up

It is recommended to get your boiler repaired by a trained professional having vast experience in boiler repairing. Even, proper precautions should be made before repairing a boiler in the home as a slight casualty can cause damage to it. Hope you have liked the article, you can also visit our website for further details.

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